Julie Swaney

Charlotte Sielski

Lisa Beloit

Modesta Flores

Monica Cordova

Jessica Gonzales

Victoria Valead

Vivian Welsh

Traci Burger

Our mission is to restore the prophetic created arts of worship through dance.  We are called to bring forth a fresh anointing, impartation, a change of atmosphere, and bring a new move of God in this season.  We represent nations through our ministry of dance prophesying to nations bringing the impartation of the Spirit of God.  The Lord desires that all nations worship the one true God.  We have ministered in churches, conferences, Chandlers Art Center, Scottsdale Festival, community outreaches and outreach in Az, Ca and East Coast in the last 10 years.  If you are open to a new move of God and would like us to minister, please contact KING at 623-203-5000.

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KING Ministries